About GDPR and TTW / WTTC

What we do wiith your data.

Table Tennis Weald (Weald Table Tennis Club)  THE CLUB holds information on its members for the sole purpose of,

1. Communication of information to its members by THE CLUB.

2. To keep financial records of fees and membership paid by it members to THE CLUB.

To register members of THE CLUB at Table Tennis England (Table Tennis365) that are non league players or coaches at zero cost to the members for the purposes of insurance that Table Tennis England offer as part of its membership.

3. THE CLUB will not ask for or hold any of its members financial details (bank details ETC).

4. THE CLUB has 4 committee members that administer TableTennis365, these are the only CLUB members that can see your personnel details, no financial information is available or can be seen  other than whether you are paid up and what level you are paid up to.

What we don't do with your details.

Table Tennis Weald(Weald Table Tennis Club)  THE CLUB does not do the following with your data details.

1. What THE CLUB holds

a. Membership Form with detailed information about you.

b. A computer database that contains only Name and Email Address.

2. THE CLUB does not SELL or GIVE your details to third parries other than Table Tennis England (Table Tennis365) for the purposes of insurance.

3. THE CLUB will not ask or hold and personnel financial details about its members.

You have control of your data.

What can you do if you do not want your data to be held by Table Tennis Weald(Weald Table Tennis Club).

1. Ask for it to be remove from any records held by the WTTC committee other than physical Membership Form.

2. In the case of Table Tennis England and Table Tennis 365 each member has an ID and can access all personnel detail by going to www.tabletennisengland.co.uk and logging in and decide how you want you detail be handled.

If you do not know you table Tennis England ID Number their site offers a simple way of accessing it.